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21 October, 2012

Sasthrolsavam - Science Fair Judgement

Science Fair Judgement
Main points evolved after the discussion in the One Day Orientation Programme for Teachers in connection with the Judgement of Kerala School Sasthrolsavam (Science) held at Durga HSS Kanhangad on 20/10/2012.

General Points on Evaluation:
  • There should be enough time to evaluate each item.
  • Suitable evaluation indicators are to be used to evaluate each item.
  • The Judges should encourage and congratulate the participants whenever possible in order to improve the confidence, scientific attitude and abilities of the students.
  • The same item (in different sections-LP,UP,HS&HSS) may be given to the Judges so that they can concentrate in that item.
  • In a team of Judges try to include teachers handling different subjects and different sections-LP,UP,HS&HSS.

    1. Charts
        Evaluation Indicators:
      1. Based on a particular theme show its history, progress and development stages in a sequential way using maximum 5 charts.
      2. Presentation og the subject by the student.
      3. Scientific attitude.
      4. Practicability/innovations/contemporary relevance.
      5. Beauty/attractiveness/creativity/skill.

2. Collections/Models

  • Related to the Theme.
  • Do not mix Collections & Models.
  • Do not count the number of items in the exhibit.
  • The participant should explain the relevance and criteria of the display.
    Evaluation Indicators
  1. Creativity & Originality – 10
  2. Scientific Thought – 20
  3. Skill – 20
  4. Utility – 10
  5. Variety – 15
  6. presentation – 25
    Total – 100

3. Simple Experiments

  1. Should be related to the theme. (May be related to the curriculam)
  2. Maximum 2 participants, the experiment can be done by 1 or by both of them.
  3. Maximum 2 experiments and related to the same theme.
  4. Maximum 10 mts for the experiment.
  5. The Judges should not interrupt , questions only after the experiment.
  6. Charts may be used and not compulsary.
  7. Success of the experiment.


  • Apart from the attraction of the still model, the presentation by the participant also should be considered.
  • Without neglecting any participant the Judges should ellicit the knowledge of the participant in preparing the still model.
  • Charts may be used, maximum 5.
  • Maximum 2 participants.
  • Thermocol can be used in preparing the still model.
  • Size of the still model should be within the prescribed limit.


  • Related to the theme.
  • Should work properly.
  • Should not give over importance to the appearance of the model.
  • Should be innovative.
  • Consider the explanation- utility & special significance - by the participants.
  • Time 10 mts for showing the working.
  • Charts may be used, maximum 5.


  • Experiments may be based on the principle or concept they had studied.
  • Should be using low cost materials.
  • Maximum 2 participants- the experiment can be demonstrated by 1 or by both of them.
  • Experiments may be 1 or more but should be related to the theme selected.
  • Maximum 10 mts for the experiment.
  • The Judges should not interrupt, questions only after the experiments.
  • Charts may be used, not compulsary.
  • Consider the success of the experiments.


  • Models may be used if very urgent for presenting the project.
  • Time for judgement – 15 to 20 mts.
  • Project Report is also important, all steps are to be followed, necessary additional records may be used for the presentation of the project (time 5 to 8 mts for presentation).
  • Project Report is to be submitted at the time of registration so that the Judges may get enough time to go through it.
  • Report may be by handwritten or DTP.
  • Charts may be used , maximum 5.


  • Magazine is to be handwritten (not DTP).
  • Participation of students in preparing the Magazine.
  • Properly binded, but spiral binding is not allowed.
  • No identification marks to distiguish the school – school name, Subdistrict name, District name not allowed.
  • Maximum 50 pages including the cover pages.
  • Cartoons, pictures can be used, but do not paste pictures in the Magazine.
Evaluation Indicators
Content, arrangement, participation of the students are to be considered.


Maximum time for the arrangement – 15 mts(but slight adjustments for the arrangement may be allowed).
LCD Projectors can be used if very necessary for the Drama.
Maximum number of participants – 8 (no helpers allowed for background work)

The size of the product to be exhibited for UP, HS, HSS/VHSS sections is to be limited to
122cm X 122 cm X 100 cm 

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